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Wycliffe Bible Translators


David and Lynn Frank

UPDATE: David and Lynn Frank describe how they are able to continue to work remotely on their translation projects during these times of COVID.


Wycliffe Bible Translators was formed to mobilize translators, literacy workers, and linguists to serve people groups who do not have the Scriptures in their own language. The goal is not only for all people to have the Bible in their heart language, but to be able to read it and to write in their own language. David and Lynn share this vision, and they were able to help translate a French Creole New Testament in St. Lucia (completed 1999), as well as the Gullah New Testament (completed 2005). David and Lynn are currently consultants for three Bible translation projects in two countries in West Africa. When back home in North Carolina, they both edit academic articles and books in support of translation and literacy.

Note: An FPC member contributed to the purchase of a solar power system during FPC's June 2019 Missions Month. The Franks sent this note: I am passing on the thanks from the Kamo translation team for the provision of a solar power system so they can use their computers in the village where there is no electricity. It can also provide a little power for an LED light and charging cell phones. We were in Nigeria a month ago working with the Kamo and one other translation team, and we presented the Kamo team with the solar equipment—surprised them with it, actually—see photo. They were very grateful, and they understand who this came from. After we left Nigeria and they went back to their area, they sent us the attached pictures and letter of appreciation, which we are passing on to you.


The work in Nigeria has resumed, and we are able to continue working with the Kamo and Yaniku* translation teams.   * Pseudonym for safety and security reasons

The Guinea-Bissau Creole New Testament has been completed.


Family, good health and all the ways God has blessed us.

Prayer Requests: [See additional requests in COVID-19 Update below]

  • For the work to continue unhindered.

  • For more prayer and financial partners.

  • For health, safety and God’s provision for the translators we work with.

  • For God to work in the language communities, preparing them to receive His Word.

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