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MK2MK: Missionary Kid to Missionary Kid

Helping Missionary Kids Impact Their World for Christ

Jonathan, an FPC member, works with Cru's MK2MK (Missionary Kid To Missionary Kid) program. This ministry is directed toward coming alongside missionary kids as they impact their world for Christ. MK2MK primarily does this through conferences, site visits, team activities, annual mission trips and personal mentoring. Their mission is to build a global spiritual community of MKs who impact their world for Christ.

We asked Jonathan these questions to help describe his ministry.   

What is your organization’s vision for ministry? 


I work with an organization called mk2mk. We are a ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ International). Our mission statement is building a global, spiritual, community of mks who impact their world for Christ. We care for mks and their families who are out in the field, creating healthy family units who are able to stay in their field assignments longer and also to invite mks into what God is doing around the world.


Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.

This year our ministry activities have centered around building more partnerships with regions where missionary families are being sent. This has allowed us to increase our ability to serve more families and has opened access to reach missionary families serving in under-resourced areas around the world. We partner with missionary-sending organizations like Cru and others to provide critical care and resourcing to families serving in the front lines of missions. Through our conferences, site visits, and individual discipleship, we are able to provide individualized care for mks who grew up in the mission field. Even more, through these activities, we are able to invite into the bigger picture of what God is doing through their families all over the world.

Our team is continuing to stay innovative and engaged as the realities of the mission field continue to change. We are looking on how to engage an increasingly multi-cultural audience (as not all countries sending missionaries are from the US), and also how to ensure what we're offering meets the varying needs of our audience facing today's realities. This flexibility has helped us adjust to some of the invitations we've received including an only Russian-speaking conference in Central Asia or a cross-cultural training for non-American missionaries in Budapest.

Our team is excited to continue to pursue new opportunities for partnership and collaboration and we are excited to pioneer mk work in previously hard-to-reach regions where the gospel is spreading! Thank you for your partnership with us in this vision!

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