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Internation Justice Mission


Protecting Vulnerable Children and Women Around the World

International Justice Mission, the world’s leading Christian justice mission, is our partner in seeking justice for boys in Ghana who are trafficked away from home to Lake Volta and violently pressed into enforced labor in the fishing industry.  Lake diseases, beating by owners, malnutrition, and dangerous lake fishing activities destroy young lives. IJM investigates and documents this, training and supporting Ghanaian police to rescue victims and arrest their masters. IJM works with the justice system, training judges and attorneys, and with government Christian ministries, restoring the boys. First Pres assists IJM to mobilize Christian churches of Ghana to action, advocating justice and care for the boys.​​​

Prayer Requests for IJM:

That government leaders in Ghana would feel a burning desire to stand up for the enslaved boys who are trapped in the fishing industry on Lake Volta.

For the investigations team who document children working on the lake at great risk to themselves and the mission.

That the Lord will protect the children and the teams seeking their rescue.For health and healing for the rescued children as they are returned to their families.

For the people of Ghana to rise up and stand against this injustice.​​J

USTICE TASK FORCE, First Presbyterian Church of San Diego 

We at First Presbyterian Church of San Diego are inspired by God’s call to love all people and to seek justice for the oppressed. Our Justice Task Force meets irregularly but shares information widely about two projects with which we are engaged, as described below. If you would like to join with us – learning, praying, getting involved – please contact Pastor Jerry. Local Justice Task Force Efforts​Locally we support and participate in efforts to end sex-trafficking, especially of minors, in San Diego County. Girls and boys are deceived into becoming sex workers and held by violence. We work with county law enforcement study and planning task forces, with San Diego’s Churches Against Trafficking’s teaching and prayer efforts, and we participate in meetings, rallies, and projects that increase awareness in the community.  Click here to learn more about this work for justice in San Diego.

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