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First Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

Rebuilding hope in South Sudan

Since 2012 The Outreach Foundation has been visiting the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan to accompany it on its mission to build a strong country through healthy churches and church-based schools. Civil war in late 2013 put many of the projects on hold. As people fled to camps for Internally Displaced Persons or to refugee camps in neighboring countries, congregations and parishes have sprung up. Faithful pastors are preaching hope to those who long for peace. Former teachers volunteer to teach children and adults in makeshift schools. The Outreach Foundation is providing Bibles and hymnals to believers in the camps and teaching materials for the temporary schools. There are now 500,000 refugees from South Sudan in Ethiopia where Outreach is working with local partner EECMY (Mekane Yesus) to meet priority needs. Churches are growing rapidly within the camps. There are more than 35 Presbyterian parishes and 132 congregations among the six camps. Outreach is helping partners to rebuild hope in South Sudan by continuing to support refugees in camps and rebuilding the Presbyterian church in Nasir, South Sudan


FPCSD is supporting these efforts to “Rebuild Hope in South Sudan” (RHSS). Frank Dimmock of TOF is our liaison with the South Sudan ministries.

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