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Pastor Isaac William

Pastor Isaac William leads this young congregation in a new city located two hours outside of Cairo. A new church in Egypt is a rarity, as they are seldom allowed, and this one serves 300-400 worshippers every Sunday evening in an impoverished neighborhood where funding is scarce to meet its growth and needs.  It provides specialized Christian witness to many constituencies, including a preschool day care center, a “Friday morning Sunday School” for 150-200 children, a charity mission, and outreach directed specifically to women, young men and women of University age, and teens.  Theirs is a courageous Christian witness in a difficult area. 

We asked Pastor Isaac these questions to help describe his ministry.  

What is your organization’s vision for ministry? 

Presbyterian Church of 10th of Ramadan city, outside of Cairo, Egypt We are a Presbyterian church that offers the testimony of our Reformed faith to our community through offering Christian teaching, evangelizing, and helping as much as we can with the people’s material needs. Our urgent vision is to plant another new church in our city. Our long-run vision is to build a school and hospital.  

Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year. 

We served the financial medical needs of about 150 families. We held specialized educational summer camps for 100 children, 100 adults. In addition to holding regular services of the church. We seek to hold home-cell group meetings in the new areas in our city to plant a church over there.​​ 

Prayer Requests

For success in starting a developmental organization for the entire community, focusing on health awareness and job training.

​For funding to finish the church building and social service building.

For a sponsor to support the nursery, so nursery workers can earn a reasonable salary without increasing costs to the children’s parents.

For realization of their desire to plant a second church in the city.

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