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Zimbabwe: The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)


Dan and Julie Stephens








As a missionary surgeon who runs Karanda Mission Hospital in far northern Zimbabwe, Dr. Stephens relishes the opportunity to share Christ’s love through witness and compassion to the Mashona people. He mentors staff, medical students and young doctors. Julie runs the primary school for staff children and teaches first and second grades. They manage many Christian outreach programs, including home prayer groups and a local church. The Stephens are well-known in the country and take full advantage of their special gifts and unique opportunities to spread the good news of the Gospel.







We asked the Stephens these questions to help describe their ministry.


What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


We work with The Evangelical Alliance Mission, a non-denominational

organization, based in Wheaton, Illinois and which works around the world on

every continent. It is a church planting and discipleship mission and uses a

variety of means including medical, educational , and radio as well as church

outreaches to reach its goals. (www.TEAM.org).


Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.


Dan is the Medical Superintendent of a 150-bed general hospital in the remote

rural area of northern Zimbabwe. He is also the General Surgeon there. Karanda

also operates a primary school and a nursing school as well as an orphan and

widow ministry and a home-based care program. We also work in the area with

Foundations for Farming to promote cost effective farming and have the

opportunity to share the Lord in this way. We are also bringing Aquaponics to

the area schools to bring in cost effective means to provide complete, healthy

nutrition to the local people. Again doors are open to the Gospel. All of the

educational programs we have, as well as the hospital, are avenues to have Bible

classes, ward services, one on one evangelism and individual counseling. A

Karanda-based radio station prepares Christian programs for broadcast to the

hospital.  From the hospital, evangelistic teams visit the surrounding communities.

We provide HIV counseling as well as health education to the patients who

come to us. We see around 75,000 patients annually.









Julie runs the Primary school at Karanda and is responsible for the Bible Classes

there and teaches the 1st and 2nd grades. (This year she is teaching the 3rd grade



Prayer Requests: 


Praise that God showed them they were still needed at the hospital on their return from a home assignment.  


Praise in the constant reminders that God is near and able to heal, even in seemingly impossible moments. 


Ongoing needs include more staff housing and other continued building projects.


Pray for integrity and wisdom among the staff, new home visits to staff, and home groups in local villages.