We began properly when San Diego’s New Town did – 1869 – and where the city of San Diego was to begin anew, downtown by the bay. We grew when the city grew, becoming one of the largest churches in the nation. When the suburbs began to flourish in the last two generations our members dispersed to many places, yet the church campus remained in the heart of the city with the city at our heart. We are not as many since this dispersion, but our ministries continue to flourish, especially to the poorest of the poor. 

We live now in over 50 zip codes throughout San Diego County and beyond. Our children attend many schools – public, chartered, at home, and our own City Tree Christian School on our campus; our teens gather in many places to grow up and in the Lord; we work in every industry throughout the region, committed to helping the city and its region flourish; and we play in all the places and spaces of God’s creation. Though our homes are everywhere, we consider our home to be the church campus. Here we worship, find the friends of faith for a lifetime, work to serve our Savior by serving others, and with a joyful rigor study the Scriptures that we may become more faithful to our calling as disciples of the Lord Jesus. 


We are Presbyterians, but the great majority of us did not begin in this household of faith, and more than a few of us are new to seriously following the Faith. Together we discover the riches of a living tradition that has sustained many throughout the centuries. 


We love Jesus. Jesus loved us first. We are not yet all that we will be; we are no longer what we once were. That’s neither bragging nor complaining. It is the glad announcement of a people that know their Savior and follow their Lord. 


Each new member class has the highly educated and the homeless, and the two categories, we have discovered, are not mutually exclusive. Our core leadership is a large cadre of long established members, many of whom grew up in this congregation; our new members are often from the streets and now the homes and condos and apartments near the church in neighborhoods that are newly repopulated. Our ethnic diversity grows. 


We are 500 members; 400 weekly worshippers on average. We are 75 plus adults in formal educational settings on Sunday and many more during the week; many teens and children are in informal weekly small group meetings. We serve 250 plus urban homeless a week with a shared Sunday afternoon meal. We serve also our homeless neighbors in Wednesday evenings discipleship classes, and in opportunities for fellowship and service. We engage in local missions to the neighborhood public schools, the business community, the military, and often host the San Diego arts community on our campus. We travel far and often in mission to the global world – starting churches, building schools, supporting hospitals and community development projects, and  providing justice to the world's poor and vulnerable.  


We have become a home to the poor and poor in spirit, the hungry and hungry at heart, the affluent and influential, the least and the lost. We are glad for this home and now endeavor to live in service to others in such ways that demonstrate our abiding gratitude to God the Father, who in his Son and by his Spirit, has welcomed us home.