Session Highlights: March 2020


Discussed ‘change’ – anticipating change and adaptive change, all in light of Master Planning of our campus for the next generation. Anticipating change is expected when trends are present and are thought to ‘have legs’ that continue the trend further. Adaptive change is unpredictable and can be met only when confronted. There is no reasonable expectation of anticipation or specific preparation of adaptive change – adaptions are needed. Think Lewis and Clark expedition of oarsmen traveling the Missouri River on the way to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean beginning in St. Louis. They anticipated much extraordinarily well. Then the Rockies. They did not know they existed. Adaption was needed. Oarsmen became mountaineers. Todd Bolsinger, former Pastor of San Clemente Presbyterian Church, in his book ‘Canoeing the Mountains’ uses this as the primary illustration on the need for church leadership to not only anticipate (predict the effect of current trends) but also to adapt well and quickly when needed. In all this the ‘Mission is renewed’ is spite of obstacle, challenge, change required. The conversation among the elders will continue next month.


Much of any Session meeting is the written report of the Ministry Leadership Teams. Here are some quotes: from Adult Ministries - ‘please encourage friends to register soon for the Women’s Retreat, spaces are limited’; ‘a men’s retreat will take place in October’; from Children and Youth Discipleship Ministries – ‘The Amor Missions Team will be commissioned on Sunday March 22’; ‘Playdate is steadily growing’; from Communications – ‘new Vesper banners for the 3rd Street Chapel entrance are ordered’; ‘the website is being re-designed’; from Ladle – ‘Medical Professionals went out into the streets meeting with over 10 friends who are homeless and were at the right place at the right time staying with one until the paramedics arrived’; from Missions Ministries Team – ‘it has been our goal to move beyond financial and prayer support to lead our members in engaging with and participating in God’s mission’.


Decided what now to do in response to the presence of coronavirus. City Tree Christian School and the Ladle Fellowship have already responded and communicated those responses to those involved. Matters of hand-washing, hand sanitizers, hand shaking, personal greeting and the Passing of the Peace were discussed. Sanitizing the common spaces more frequently were noted. Communion was especially discussed. New procedures were agreed upon and will be announced to the whole congregation before the weekend services by email, with phone calls to those few members who do not have emails, and will be announced during worship beginning this weekend.