Session Highlights: November 2019

  1. Prayed for Pastor Jerry, anointing him oil and laying on hands. Pastor Jerry’s cancer diagnosis has grown more grim, medical protocols are scheduled to begin this week, and more and more prayers are being offered. About 50 elders gathered at the beginning of the meeting to hear Jerry’s prayer that God heal him and his request that the elders come and pray. ‘This poor man cried out; the Lord heard him and rescued him from all his troubles.’ A season of prayer led by the elders surrounded Jerry and Lois.

  2. Approved a balanced budget for 2020 of just over $1,500,000. This is a 5% increase, with growth in health care insurance costs and necessary salary changes accounting for almost all the growth. The balanced budget includes using $100,000 of revenue gained by the investment funds. This use of investment, though budgeted to be $100,000 has been instead - $143,000 in 2014; $93,000 in 2015; $81,000 in 2016; $72,000 in 2017; $58,000 in 2018 – increasingly and consistently less. The $2,500,000 in investment funds in 2014 has grown by increased value of the investments, return of unused funds, and new gifts to the fund. The fund is now $3,400,000.

  3. Named a new fund “The Generations Fund” which is designated to help fund ministry. The Heriatge Fund will continue in aiding fund the campus.

  4. Established a position of Director of Marketing for City Tree Christian School, a position begun last year and filled by Sara Delgado.

  5. Heard the report of prospective new members being disciple toward membership concluding on Palm Sunday.

  1. Celebrated Jeff Myers being admitted as a Candidate for Ministry. This is the final status prior to ordination.

  2. Studied together additional chapters of Mark Dever's book Discipleship.  This is a continuing study led by Jeff.

  3. Recorded a successful "Undie Sunday" with 7 garbage bags and a box full of socks and underwear given to Presbyterian Urban Ministries and their work with those on the streets and transitioning into stability.

  4. Noted that there is need for leaders and workers in the early childhood class on Sunday mornings.

  5. Reviewed the financial statements for the first quarter and noted that both Ladle and City Tree budgets are tracking very close to the budget in both income and expense, and that the General Budget reports income compared to budget stronger than anyone can remember. 

  6. Announced a search for a part-time open position managing office volunteers, planning events, coordinating clerical needs. See Pastor Jerry if interested.