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Psalm 68:6 says, “God settles the solitary in a home…”


The Lord shows his mercy through his divine HOSPITALITY.

Get this for a beautiful paradox: Jesus forsook the comforts of his heavenly home and became as one “without a place to lay his head”. "He did so in order to provide a seat for others at his banquet feast (Luke 9:58; Eph 2:19)."


One simple way this season to live in thankfulness for God’s welcome to sinners is to share the Thanksgiving meal with others at the table. The Church has the blessing of being the New Covenant family of God through Jesus Christ (Gal 4:28; Eph 2:19). Who are the brothers and sisters in Christ that can share in your thanksgiving this year?


SAVE A SEAT at the table, sharing food, offering prayers, and celebrating the blessing of the family of God on November 24th.

How Can I Participate?

1. Sign up as host or guest here

a. If hosting, specify what part of town you live in; how many guests you’re inviting; are you prepared to host kiddos?

b. If a guest, make sure to include your email address

2. Once a host and guests have signed up together, connect over email to share details about dinner.

a. Guests are encouraged to contribute food to the meal

3. At the Thanksgiving Meal, eat! Enjoy fellowship! Share in a time of thanksgiving prayer and song using  this liturgy or another of your choosing. 

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