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San Diego Rescue Mission


Michelle Le Beau, Vice President of Church Partnerships,


Call to Action contact: Debbie Krakauer (619) 819-1897,

120 Elm Street, San Diego 92101


The San Diego Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered residential recovery and rehabilitation program for men, women and children suffering from the effects of homelessness, addiction, poverty, neglect and other forms of abuse and trauma. 


Choose from these projects, most of which can be done in your home. Please bring donations to Debbie Krakauer or Mission Services at SDRM’s front entrance on Elm Street. Mark all deliveries

“To Debbie, From First Pres.” Some items may be shared with Ladle Fellowship. Please contact Debbie Krakauer with any questions.


**Volunteers provide their own supplies for the following marked items.


  1. Knit blankets or scarves**

  2. Make cotton masks (always popular among our students and shelter guests)**

  3. Write encouragement cards for the women in our shelter (our goal is to leave a note on their beds every night)**

  4. Create activity kits for young children for when their parents attend classes or meet with their Spiritual Mentor at the Mission**

  5. Create move-in-kits for graduate students moving out of the Mission (sheets, towels, kitchen utensils, etc.) – could do this in conjunction with Downtown Fellowship and Walk With Me (our new outreach initiative)**

  6. Create Easter treat bags with items such as chocolate eggs and biblical note of encouragement for April 3 Easter Outreach Meal.**

  7. Create giveaway items for street outreach, with SDRM admission cards inside (individuals can prep the items, then go in pairs/families to do street outreach on their own where safe, or deliver to SDRM)

    • Put SDRM outreach labels on bottled water (we can provide the labels, volunteers provide the water bottles)

    • Create little treat bags with an encouraging note and a $10 gift card to McDonalds**

    • Create bags with an encouragement card and pocket New Testament (our Preschool wants to use these for outreach to parents on the streets)**

    • Create COVID-style kits for outreach with masks, hand sanitizer, tissues, band-aids, water, snacks, cleansing/shower wipes for the body** (We can provide empty “I See You” bags if volunteers want to use ours, otherwise, they can just put everything in zip-lock bags)


Reminder: Contact Debbie Krakauer (619) 819-1897 for assistance or questions.


Thank you for participating in First Presbyterian's February 2021 Call to Action!




The San Diego Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered residential recovery and rehabilitation program for men, women and children suffering from the effects of homelessness, addiction, poverty, neglect and other forms of abuse and trauma.  Utilizing a trauma-informed care approach to addressing the holistic needs of the mind, body and soul, students learn to confront and overcome the problems that led to their situation in the first place.  The Mission also operates an overnight emergency shelter for women and children (Nueva Vida Haven), a licensed Christian preschool and Partners for the Hungry – a food distribution program for local food banks and church pantries.


What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


a. Our Vision – To see God transform the lives of those experiencing

homelessness, impacting San Diego one life at a time.


b. Our Mission – To lovingly address the needs of men, women and children

experiencing homelessness, by sharing the Good News of salvation and

providing a holistic approach to rehabilitation and recovery.



Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.


The focus of our ministry is getting men, women and children off the streets permanently. Our five goals for every student are that they Encounter God, Experience Recovery, Engage in Job Training and Placement, Establish Housing, and Enlist a Support Network.   


This past year we aligned all of our programs into one main program – A Mission Academy where students (no longer called clients) come to learn about themselves, God and His plan for their lives.  Students take part in three semesters of four months each:  Wellness, Job Training and Education, and Employment, along with an optional 6-month semester of Graduate (transitional) Housing.  This past year also saw the launch of a church partnership program under the leadership of Michelle Le Beau and we began a series of exciting building renovations.   


Our goals right now are re-opening strong after COVID-19 restrictions, continued renovations of our building, relaunching our Spiritual Training program (including bi-weekly chapel services and mentoring), continued training for our entire staff in Trauma-Informed Care, and launching a program that provides one-to-one friendship and guidance for people still living on at streets (Walk With Me) or in difficult situations.  ​


​​Prayer Requests: 

  • For staff to be encouraged and not experience burnout

  • For students to overcome challenges that prevent their change and healing

  • That the Lord would stir powerfully in the Rescue Mission, causing all the students in the Academy and the guests of our shelter to fully rely on His goodness and grace to overcome the darkness.