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Pastoral Search

Pastor Jerry Andrews will be retiring from his position as Head Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of San Diego on January 31, 2023.  In accordance to the guidelines outlined by the Presbytery, First Presbyterian Church of San Diego is working to seek God's calling for our next Head Pastor.  Information regarding this process of discernment and preparation is outlined below.  The information will be updated periodically throughout the search process. 


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Mission Study Document

The Session of First Presbyterian has appointed a Mission Study Team to create a document that describes the mission of our church to help in the search for a new Head Pastor. The Mission Study Team invited the congregation to fill out a congregational survey to aid in that document creation. With that step being done, the Mission Study Document has been completed.


If you have any questions please reach out to any member of the Mission Study Team (Sara Delgado, Marilyn Carnes, Rick Kennedy, Josh Reyes or Dan Walls).


June of 2022

Retirement Annoucement

Pastor Jerry Andrews announced to the Session, staff, and congregation his desire to retire by January 31, 2023.  

July of 2022

Appointment of Mission Study Team

Session was asked to prayerfully consider joining the mission study team. The following members volunteered: Rick Kennedy, Sara Delgado, Dan Walls, Marilyn Carnes and Josh Reyes.

July of 2022

Interim Pastor Search Committee Named

The nominating committee proposed the following candidates for the Interim Pastor Search Committee: Bogar Hernandez, Liz Nemeth, Laura Barajas, Ben Cater, and Sheri Soldau. Session approved the candidates.  

September of 2022

Congregational Survey Open

The Mission Study Team has put together a congregational survey to gather feedback from our members and regular attenders regarding our vision for the mission of First Presbyterian Church.  

November 10, 2022

Mission Study Distributed

November 13, 2022

Townhall Meeting

By November 10, the Mission Study will be distributed to the congregation via our website and email.  Hard copies of the report will also be available on Sunday, November 13.  

The Mission Study Team will host a townhall meeting to review the Mission Study and answer questions from the congregation.  

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