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Pakistan Bible Correspondence School (PBCS)

Rufan R. William, PBCS National Office

Adeel Samuel, Designated Principal


Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries (PCRM)

Zahoor ul Haq, Director






This ministry has grown from a seed planted many years ago by First Presbyterian’s former pastor,

Rev. Paul Pulliam.  PBCS offers both English-language and Urdu Bible courses, all designed to spread God’s word throughout Pakistan. In 2018, they issued 4603 certificates and distributed 217 Holy Bibles, 704 NT and 4,000 Christian books. They follow up through fellowship meetings and participation has been increasing every year.  PCRM's Director, Zahoor ul Haq, thanks God for the mercy and guidance to continue His work through Radio, Social Media and video DVDs.  The audio programs for Short wave, medium wave, FM Radio and audio / video programs for Social Media are going on successfully.   Listener's response for these programs is very positive.  The follow up department receives more than three hundred and fifty letters, SMS and phone calls every week.  They recently had their annual Listeners Camp, where more than 40 participants attended and were blessed with the sharing from the Word of God.

We asked their leaders these questions to help describe their ministries.



What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


The name of our organization is  Pakistan Bible Correspondence School, Faisalabad

Centre, Pakistan. Our vision is “To spread the Word of God and promote its study so

widely and in such a way that those coming to faith in Christ may be able to lead others

to faith, resulting in a fellowship of followers of Jesus.” We do this by sending Bible

courses based on the teaching and love of Christ which helps building a peace-loving


We run short Bible courses by correspondence. We advertise our courses through print and

social media and upon their request we send these courses free of charge. PBCS is a unique

project in sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.





Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.


 PBCS Faisalabad Centre has been busy in reaching out to Christians and Non-

Christians since 1962. The Gospel message is shared through Bible

correspondence courses which have proven to be an effective way of reaching to

the target audience.

 We start our daily operation with communal devotions and prayer.

 We have a consistent follow-up programme (Fellowship Meetings) for those

students who have completed minimum of 3 Bible courses. This is done in three

different ways: (a) Organizing Fellowship Meetings in different cities, (b) Summer

and Winter Camps for deeper study and building relationship with students.

Snowfall family camp was held 15 -17 Feb 2017 and Annual Summer Camp 2-6

June 2017. (c) Visiting seekers in private places of their choice for consultation

regarding their decision making.

 Eid Get Together: At a Muslim religious festival, a special fellowship meeting was

arranged to promote peace and harmony in our society. 80 people attended of

whom 70% were Muslims.

 Christian Education Centre: In 2012 PBCS responded to a request by a

Christian group in rural areas of Faisalabad where Christian children could have a

convenient access to communal Bible study. PBCS provided training, material and

guidance. Now 200 Children are benefitting from this facility.

 PBCS Sundays: New principal was installed by the chairman of PBCS Governing

Body on 14 March 2018. There were only two Sundays left before our quarterly

Newsletter to be ready, which were well used to get connected with two local

churches. We already have Sundays lined up for the months of April and May and

hoping to make 12 Sundays in a year.

 Fellowship Meetings: It is our aim to organize 12 fellowship meetings for

Christian and Muslim students in all major cities. In this quarter we have not been

able to conduct any for a couple of reasons: (i) New principal only joined in mid-

March and had to face numerous challenges including overdue assignments. There

was hardly any time to concentrate on urgent matters including restoring

relationship with local churches in the vicinity. Our local made Suzuki car is only a

small one with less than 1litre (796 cc) engine. It is not suitable for longer distances

to carry both staff and literature (ii) We felt sorry as we had to cancel a couple of

fellowship meetings in the most southern region (1,012 kilometres) round trip, as our

vehicle is not fit for purpose.

 Students Visits to PBCS Office: From January to March 2018, about 20 students

made their visits to PBCS office with their personal queries regarding Christian

faith. We also had encouraging meeting with families of new believers from the

majority community.

Prayer requests:

For peace in Pakistan, safety of staff and favorable circumstances for outreach activities.

For students: some are sick and others have family issues.

For finances that God may fulfill all the needs of the institution.















What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries aims to reach the people in Pakistan with the

message and teaching of the Bible on Radio Shortwave, FM radio and Social Media with

relationship-building activities through phone calls, fellowship rallies and camps.

Our purpose is to develop understanding, bring CHANGE in attitude of the target

audience leading them to build progressive, harmonious and peaceful society.


Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.


We focus on Spreading the Gospel among the unreached people in Pakistan through

RADIO, Social Media, Audio CDs, Video, Correspondence, Bible Study Camps, Rallies,

and Follow-up programs.

Main Activities:

1. Radio Production: We produced the following audio/video programs for Radio and

Social Media in three languages, Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki. Urdu is our national

language and Punjabi and Saraiki are widely spoken in the country and



i. One thirty minutes daily Urdu language magazine programme, LIGHT

of TRUTH (Noor-e- Sadaqat) with three features 5-7 minutes each on

family; social issues with different voices; radio talents. Features

were produced, and assembled by a presenter in our daily program.

Music is also included in program.


ii. Two weekly Christian teaching programs in Urdu and Punjabi

languages have regularly been produced and aired on radio (both

short wave and FM local station) and social media i.e., “Way of Life”

a 30 minutes drama programme on the lives of Patriarchs in Urdu

language; a 15 minutes Punjabi Language Bible teaching programme


iii. We re-started airing our one Siraiki language programme to reach

Siraiki speaking community living in a big part of our country.


2. AIRING: Programmes have been aired on daily, weekly basis on Short wave

radio, FM radio, Social Media without interruption.

3. FOLLOW-UP:  Listeners Response: Around 20/30 responses every day (Around

9000-10000 Jan to Dec. 2017) were received through phone calls, SMS by our

follow-up section and were responded the same day.

4. SUMMER CAMP: A four-day Listeners camp was held in summer in the month of

September 2017, in cool hilly place, Murree Hills, in residential house owned and

used by the Church for camps and retreats. 30 listeners from general audiences

attended the camp and Staff of 10 participated for fellowship with listeners. Guest

speaker, Pastor Aslam Masih was invited to lead Bible teaching sessions followed by

discussion. The camp was very successful.

5. MUSIC Production: Another Video (DVD) with 7 songs was produced in 2017 with a

team of 10 talented boys & girls. Until now, we have produced around 400 Christian

songs which are available on Internet, PCRM Website, You Tube, CDs and 20 of them

are available on DVDs with dramatized stories. The Videos and CDs are very popular

among Christian audience both in Pakistan and outside.

6. New Poetry Presentation Conference (Mushaira) in 2017: Two get-to- gathers of

poets were held in March and December, 2017. About 20 Poets participated and

presented Christian poetry written by them. Several singers also presented new songs.

Such get-togethers are held every year to promote Christian poetry and worship

songs. Guests were invited to listen, participate and encourage the poets. The

Conferences were held in coordination with local Church.

7. Talent hunt activity to bring new talent for writing and speaking for Radio was also

continued in 2017. Fifteen new talents were introduced and trained for radio and DVD



* Continue existing radio programmes with new zeal and passion.

* Produce another Christian teaching programme for social media (whats app,

facebook, You Tube).

* Hold one four-day Listener’s Camp in the summer. Conduct four "Listeners One"

day rallies in different places.

* Conduct two free Medical Camps in unreached areas in coordination with our


* Raise funding for new and ongoing projects to continue our activities and

projects. Please Pray.

Prayer Request: 


For their wisdom, safety, and success in spreading the good news of Jesus through music, word and deed.  These ministries, which operate in a highly restricted and complex environment, are forced to witness to Jesus in extremely innovative ways and in complicated situations.