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Christian Community Development

BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) BASIC is committed to Christian Community Development in and around the village of Kasei, Ghana.  Since 2005 BASIC has been working in the village specifically in the areas of education, community development, medical support, and church planting.  Our vision is to come alongside and assist our partners in the village to improve their schools, to offer supplies and equipment to better their hospital clinic, and to help a new church to grow and develop their evangelism program in the village.  We believe in investing in our long term partnerships with community entities and leaders in Kasei, concentrating on developing deep relationships that have a lasting impact on this village.  We are always seeking to demonstrate our arching purpose to show the love of Christ in all we do. FPCSD has directed their support to the Presbyterian church in this West African village. 

Covid Update from Seth

1. Family is well and safe

2. Church is greatly affected because the church and its members do not have the technology to livestream services and many of the congregation are unreached as they are quarantined. Many are also farming on Sundays rather than having worship at home. This has affected the spiritual life of the members. It has also affected our fellowship of meeting together and our social bond; for us as Ghanaians we exist socially, each one for us all and this is difficult to be separated. Staying home has also brought hardship to the families and individuals in the Church, because they are not working daily to earn the living, their sustenance is affected in terms of money and especially food.

3. Our prayer is that church members will have continued spiritual growth during this time and make the effort to have home worship as well as the provision of needs for church members.Rev. Seth KorantengFaith Presbyterian Church of Kasei, Ghana


The church attendance has grown, and children are the largest population in the church.

A separate place of worship for the children has been constructed, and drums were bought to enhance their worship.

The Brigade Company is a powerful tool for evangelism for children and youth.New converts classes continue, music ministry is being strengthened by committed singers.

The youth group has been strengthened and they take an active part in the leadership roles, and involve themselves in the worship service, evangelism and outreach (house to house, and crusades). 

General prayer requests

For effective leadership across board, that is, in all the Church groups.

For continuous growth of all the groups

God's guidance and providence throughout the year

ACTION PLAN FOR THE YEAR (Causes for Prayer) 


Focus on the spiritual growth and development of the members

Increase the membership by 20%

Increase attendance to worship services

Encourage members to attend the evening meetings

Incorporate the group leaders into the usual Visitation to their members alongside the Session

Use Tuesdays as discipleship meeting time for Bible study and Fridays for prayer meetings

Equip members with basic Evangelism skills for soul winning

Mobilizing the Congregation for prayer and evangelism

Tasking the groups to organize house to house evangelism and also a day crusade during their anniversaries


Find other ways of raising funds to support the traditional methods.Increase the welfare fund and also to members

Encourage the members to help go into farming

Conduct Congregational forum on the funding and management of the welfare in the Church 


Help strengthen the Church groups

Encourage the groups to be part in all the gathering involving their peers in the Church

Increase the Communicant membership of the Church

Encourage the leadership of the groups to make their activities interesting and meaningful to draw their members to attend meetings regularly Support the groups if need be to be part of any District or Presbytery Conference involving their peers

Organize Confirmation and Baptism during the Easter and the Christmas 


Ensure proper records keeping in the Church

Improve and maintain the Church plants and Worship Services

Purchase the required records books and to keep accurate records of events

Securing and providing the needed equipment and to improve worship service

Improving the efficient delivery of tasks by all sectors of leadership in the Church through training


To sensitize on the need to stay healthy and keep clean environment

Provide services that will direct and help individuals Church members to overcome their challenges

Tasking the health personals in the church to give health talks on quarterly basis

To form Counselling team for the Church.Meet the JHS students on two occasions to conduct counselling services concerning their performance, school selection and subject areas as well as conducting a day worship service with them before writing their exams Organizing counselling talks on prevailing issues in my area eg.  Pre-marriage and post marriage issues

Donate educational materials to those who are on admission into SHS.

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