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Campus Crusade for Christ in Mongolia

Leadership Team


B. Battsetseg

Bayarbileg and Gerelmaa

Enkhbaatar and Khongorzul

Ebo and Nergui




​These dedicated leaders work in various ministries sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ in Mongolia, including the New Life Teachers Movement, the Leadership Development and Human Resources Team, and the “To the Last Nomad” Project Team. 

We asked each of these leaders to answer this question to help describe more about their individual ministries within MCCC.  

What is your particular ministry's vision for work in Mongolia?










B. Battsetseg


Battsetseg, former director of the Teachers Movement is now director of Associate Staff Training for MCCC, with Enkhbold assuming her position. She remains passionate to share Christ with every teacher in Mongolia.


Mongolia CCC Purpose: In the power of Holy Spirit, we win, build and send others for

Christ, uniting with the body of Christ in fulfillment of the Great Commission.


Mongolia CCC 2020 Vision: Build Christ-centered movements committed to the

Mongolian Church 20/10 Vision:“Movements Everywhere”


LDHR Mission: Partner with Mongolia CCC leaders and staff to develop (1) dedicated

growing staff, (2) caring excellent leaders, and (3) healthy effective teams, to accelerate

movements everywhere

















Enkhbaatar and Khongorzul

Enkhbaatar Zanaa’s team: To the Last Nomad Project team

Khongorzul Jantsan’s team: Leadership Development and Human Resources Team

We fulfill the Great Commission by reaching out to Mongolians with the gospel of Jesus Christ, discipling them in faith and sending them out to spread the Gospel further. We build spiritual movements of multiplying disciples to help change lives in Christ and mobilize believers for the harvest work. 


We have a ministry to:


a. Students on the main seven universities of Mongolia

b. A ministry to school teachers throughout Ulaanbaatar and main cities of Mongolia

c. ‘Young Life’ ministry to high school students in schools in Ulaanbaatar. This

ministry includes the Capernaum ministry that reaches out to disabled children

and their families with the gospel

d. Military Ministry to military and police officers and cadets

e. To the Last Nomad project to herders in countrysides

f. Athletes in Action ministry to reach out to young and national team level athletes

g. Medical ministry to medical doctors and to provide humanitarian, health service

outreaches to communities

h. ‘Crown’ ministry to help the believers grow in God-honoring financial knowledge

and practice

i. Church Life Ministry to plant new churches and equip the existing local churches in

evangelism and discipleship.


‘To the Last Nomad’ project vision: We seek to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every

nomad family and to build spiritual movement in every community.

Leadership Development and Human Resources Team vision: We seek to help fulfill the Great

Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ by serving our growing body of staff with integrity,

diligence and humility and providing the organizational support they need as they build

movements of multiplying disciples. We seek to intentionally develop our Mongolian staff into

the next generation of leaders for Christ.








Bayaraa and Gerelmaa

Bayaraa (Bayarbileg) has served God full-time through Mongolia Campus

Crusade Christ (MCCC) 15 years; 6 years in Military ministry as a staff, 6

years as a director of Military ministry; 2 years as a coordinator of  “To the

Last Nomad” project.


This is Gerlee’s (Gerelmaa) 19th year with MCCC; 11 years with Campus

ministry as a staff and an Associate Campus Director, 5 years as a Finance

Manager of MCCC, 3 years as a member of National Leadership Team of

MCCC and helped Bayaraa in the Military ministry at the same time.

We have committed ourselves to helping to fulfill the Great Commission in

Mongolia and beyond by building spiritual movements within the influential

segments of society, through connecting with people, sharing the gospel,

building them up in their faith, sending them to the harvest field and

partnering with others to advance His kingdom.


We are very thankful to God that He has provided an opportunity for Gerlee

to study in the US at the Master of Arts in Counseling program of Colorado

Christian University in Colorado Springs to be better equipped to reach more

people through biblical counseling, the gospel, and effective discipleship.

There are only two to three professionally trained Christian counselors in

Mongolia, and there is a huge need. Now Gerlee is in her second semester.

Bayaraa is helping and involved in the Mongolian church in Denver discipling

some church members and organizing outreach events. He also hopes to get

more training and experiences in family ministry and counseling through an

internship with the church, and other Christian organizations in Colorado

Springs. After the two and a half years’ of Gerlee’s study we are planning to

join the FamilyLife ministry of MCCC to build godly marriages and families in

Mongolia. As first generation Christians we have a tremendous privilege and

responsibility to help raise up generations of godly, healthy and dedicated

families and young people who will pass down the lasting legacy of Christian

family values and heritage to the next generations.