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Mexico: Baja Presbyterian Missions

Jim Hancock, President

1958 Willowbrook Court

El Cajon, CA 92019

jimhancock@cox.net  (619) 840-6884


Baja Presbyterian Missions, Inc., promotes Christ’s message of hope in Baja California in partnership with the Northwest Border Presbytery of the Mexico Presbyterian Church. Their vision includes the mission to plant and grow Presbyterian churches in Baja by raising money to help the Mexican Presbytery purchase Baja land and buildings, to fund and oversee Baja church construction projects, and to supplement a Baja pastor’s salary until each church is self-sufficient. In the past 52 years, they have helped start 34 mission churches, including 12 in Tijuana and five in Mexicali. Their 18th annual Baja Day Trip was May 18, 2019, visiting the newly donated churches Monte Pacifico, Monte Sinai, and Monte Sion in Tijuana. These churches were built by Korean Presbyterians and recently donated to the Presbiterio Fronterizo Noroccidental, our Mexican Presbytery of the Northwest. Click on the yellow button above, to read more about the Day Trip, and join us next year!

We asked Baja Missions these questions to describe their ministry.

What is your organization’s vision for ministry?

Chartered in 1964, Baja Presbyterian Missions is dedicated to helping the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to love our neighbor as ourselves in the state of Baja California, from Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali, south to Rosarito, Ensenada, Maneadero, and San Quintin; and all the way to the tip of the peninsula to San Jose de Cabo and La Paz.  Over the years, BPM has helped plant and build 34 churches in Baja.



Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.


2018-2019 GOALS


            Support church construction projects in Baja California as needed

            Raise funds to provide salary supplements to 11 pastors as requested


            Continue to make monthly payments to purchase land at Real de Rosarito

                        (Payments are now completed)


            Continue to receive donations from current donor churches and individuals; add new donors


            Help the Presbiterio open a new checking account with SDCCU in San Ysidro

            Attend the Spring Meeting of the Mexican Presbytery in Mexicali April 22, 2018

            Plan and conduct the Annual Baja Day Trip, which will visit Bethel Church in Tecate and a new                           mission in a nearby village on April 28, 2018


Prayer Requests:


For successful completion of the Real de Rosarito church.


For their partnership with Mexican Presbyterians to continue to advance the gospel of Christ in Baja.


For well-pastored churches already planted, and for their growth and effective service.