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AMOR is committed to empowering local churches and serving alongside families in need by facilitating transformational impact trips. These trips enrich the local communities through house building and job creation, providing the additional blessing of transforming the lives of participants by motivating them to commit to a life of creating justice. AMOR meets other tangible needs for food, clothing, backpacks filled with school supplies, Christmas presents, and winter relief items. Every spring, a group of intergenerational workers from First Presbyterian Church San Diego (26 in 2018) build a home in Mexico with AMOR.









We asked AMOR leaders these questions to describe their ministry.


What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


We believe that God has called us to keep families together. As we carry out this mission, we realize that building a house doesn't just provide shelter. It builds a foundation for the future.  Amor’s mission statement is: Bring people together to manifest Jesus.  We believe this is best done by partnering with the pastors local to the communities we work in, as well as partnerships with churches/organizations with a like mind.


Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.


Our focus remains the same as our mission. We want to continue keeping families together and manifesting the love of Jesus while doing so. Last year we added 3 more Mexican team members that help serve our groups. This year, the plan is to continue empowering our Mexican staff in leadership to enrich the experience of the participants that come to build (not just the structure). 






Prayer Requests:


Health for the families of the pastors in their Ministry Planning Boards and 

opportunities to bring healing to their communities.


Energy and joy during the busy spring and summer months for the staff of AMOR.


Wisdom and discernment as AMOR explores growth into Africa, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.