Everyone is invited to participate fully in the life of First Presbyterian Church (FPC) community, whether or not you formally become a member.  Membership allows individuals to vote in congregational meetings and to serve as an officer.  More importantly, becoming a member of FPC expresses a commitment to participate and support the vibrant life of our church.


Those interested in exploring membership are invited to attend an “Exploring Membership @ FPC” class which is held three times a year.  The class normally lasts between four and six weeks.  During the sessions the participants will get to know each other and some current members of the church and will explore questions such as what does it mean to be a Christian, what does it mean to be a Presbyterian, and what does it mean to be a member of First Presbyterian Church?  Everyone is welcome to participate in these classes whether or not you decide to join FPC.


Classes will be announced in the weekly worship bulletin, via the weekly email update, and on the 'EVENTS' page here on the website. If you are interested in knowing more about membership in FPC you are welcome to contact Pastor Jerry Andrews at