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International Christian Church of San Diego (ICCSD)


Andre and Ellen Ong






ICCSD, founded in 1999 to meet the needs of internationals and run by internationals, provides a household of grace and spiritual oasis for international residents and visitors from around the world. ICCSD’s purpose is to propose to the world through discipleship, “You are far, far greater than you can imagine when you encounter the grace of God that is found most fully in Jesus Christ.” This year they have added families to their membership and the number of children has increased. Their international student outreach continues to grow and deepen on Friday nights. 










We asked Andre these questions to help describe this ministry.

What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


International Christian Church of San Diego (ICCSD) is a household of grace, spiritual

oasis and outreach ministry for international residents, students, and visitors in San

Diego. We have internationals from literally all over the world.


Ministry Vision

More specifically, at ICCSD we believe in the distinctiveness of grace or the generosity

of God as revealed in Jesus and the Bible which transforms all areas of our existence. 

We have a thoroughgoing theology of grace that seeks to discover and understand the

already present common grace available to all creation and the special extravagant and

abundant grace that God desires for us to receive after our conversion.   We are of the

conviction that if only everyone understood the revelation of God’s generosity for what it

really was; no one would want to resist God’s grace. Our desire at ICCSD is to reveal

God’s generous and extravagant grace to the world.

Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.


We currently have two main groups that we focus on (and their subgroups): the

first is to our international residents that comprise ~ 75% of our ministry. While

always having an outreach/evangelistic temperament, we focused on deeper

spiritual growth for our congregants in the past year. In particular, we learned and

practiced spiritual habits that would set a foundation for long term growth. This

included work on our weekly Care Groups and larger outreach fellowships. Our

other group is the international student outreach ministry that comprise ~25% of

our ministry that take place on Fridays nights and informally during the week.

Our focus on the coming year is to continue building stability and greater

discipleship into the process.


We see two obstacles: the first is that because many of our Christians are first

generation Christians without the benefit of an inherited or historical Christian

tradition, we have to keep doing discipleship from scratch. This takes bandwidth

away from wanting to practice the deeper things of faith like a more consistent

Christian education. Somewhat related to this is the second obstacle of location.

Newer Christians from the north of San Diego consider our location as a burden.

We continue to miss opportunities for deeper growth because many unfortunately

consider location as deal-breakers. We are considering a number of options (more

home ministries in the north? Etc.).


Prayer Requests:


For wisdom to be able to bring better care, welcome, equipping and discipleship to their growing families while ministering faithfully to the transient nature of their international community.


How we deal with ministry opportunities in central and north San Diego among internationals.

For ways to find a better balance between building a healthy household of faith and doing outreach with limited resources.