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Ghana: Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC)


Rev. Seth Koranteng



BASIC is currently working in Kasei, Ghana, in many areas of community development. FPCSD has directed their support to the small Presbyterian church in this West African village, hoping thus to demonstrate Christian love through a model of cross-cultural service. Through FPC’s support, they have built a mission house and a chapel, which still needs additional work.  The church has grown, with membership around 130 (all ages).  In addition to their current outreach evangelism, Pastor Seth is preparing to teach a literacy course to church and community members, thereby enabling them to read the Bible. They hope to start other social services once the Chapel is completed.



We asked Steve Tonissen (President of BASIC) and Pastor Seth

to answer these questions to help describe their ministries.  


BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ)


What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


BASIC’s (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) mission is to provide Christ’s disciples in the

developing and developed world with a model of how to come together to live out

“they’ll know we are Christians by our love.” Each community, however diverse, has

resources, knowledge, and wisdom that compliments the other. Through the

building of Christ-centered working relationships, we come together to meet the

spiritual, physical and educational needs of both communities. While financial

resources may flow from the developed to the developing world, wisdom-

knowledge-love- joy-peace flow both ways.


Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.


The focus of our ministry has been on education, church planting, medical, and economic


Last year, BASIC:

-Expanded the facilities of Presbyterian Church planted in the village

-Provided training for church pastor for Biblical Literacy Evangelism

-Provided scholarships for 25 high school students boarding at Ejuraman Anglican

Senior High School

-Provided nursing college and teacher college scholarships

-Provided funds for subsidized teacher housing so better teachers could be

recruited to the villages’ schools

-Provided salary for primary school librarian and reading support

-Helped expand the maternity ward of St. Luke’s hospital


This coming year, BASIC will focus on:

-Completing Presbyterian Church in Kasei facilities

-Completing teacher housing

-Starting Biblical Literacy course in the village through Kasei Presbyterian Church

-Continue higher education scholarships

-Support hospital expansion

-U.S. team to visit village in June to renew teacher training, encourage local church,

and assess next steps for support









Rev. Seth Koranteng/Faith Presbyterian Church of Kasei, Ghana


What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


The Presbyterian Church operates on a Generational Groups Ministry model: Children’s Ministry (0-12

years), Junior Youth Ministry (12-18years), Youth Ministry, (18-30years), Young Adult Ministry

(30-40years), as well as the Women’s and Men’s Ministry (40 years and above)


In the Church, there are other Ministries and Interest groups such as Music Ministry,

Intercessors and Evangelism group.



1. Youth Ministry (Junior Youth and Young People’s Guild). To strengthen the Youth groups

(Junior Youth and the Young Peoples’ Guild and Young Adult Fellowship) to function well in

the Worship Service. This enhances their cooperation in the Church and their cooperation

in the activities of the Church. It will bring growth because the youth group forms the majority

of the membership.

2. The Children’s Ministry: to bring the Children in the Church together and nurture them with

the Word of God through Christian Education.

3. Singing or the Music Ministry: To sing to the glory of the Lord and to make worship

experiential to the Members through singing.

4. Men’s and Women’s Ministry: To mobilize all those within the ages of 40-70 years to

interact with their common interest and experiences in life and to provide guidance

services to the youth groups and the children.

5. Ministry Of Intercessors and Evangelism: To commit resources (time, talent, strength ) to

pray for the growth of the Church and spiritual well-being of her members and to bring

many who are unreached into the Saving power of Christ through prayer and the sharing

the Word of God with others.

**All these groups except the Intercessors attends District, Presbytery and National

Conferences and Camps, Leadership and Teachers training and workshops

Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals for the coming year.



a. Evangelism

b. Bible Education through Literacy

c. Biblical Teachings (Service times; Baptism and Confirmation periods)

d. Prayer and Teaching Revivals to enhance spiritual growth

e. Ensuring Church life and nurturing of the Members


Specific goals for the coming year:


a. Mission and Evangelism:

Organize Teaching and Prayer Revivals on the last Friday of every month.

Organize refresher Discipleship training workshop for the prayer and evangelism Ministry to

enhance their evangelism efforts.


b. Church Life and Nurture:

Put the Children and Youth groups together into a unit to form Brigade Company. Brigade will

also help evangelism because it's an effective group for Evangelism to reach many who are

Children and Youth.


c. Social Services:

To boost the finance of the Church through teachings on sharing and Giving to God.

as well as embarking on investment to support the finances of the Church.


d. To be able to Continue with the building of the Chapel


e. Education.

To intensify the need of the less literate to take advantage of the Literacy Programme..

Organize training workshop for Bible study leaders so as to equip them with the skills to lead

meaningful Bible studies


f. Ecumenism and social relations

To make every effort on my part to deepen the partnership with FPCSD through faithful service


g. Human Resources and Administration

To enhance efficiency of the various workers (service leaders, singers, drummers, executives for

groups) with proficiency in delivering their tasks to help the church grow.

Seek for the provision of the needed skills, tools and any item that will enhance their