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Jonathan, an FPC member, works with CRU’s MK2MK (Missionary Kid To Missionary Kid) program. This ministry is directed toward families in ministry, helping missionary kids on a global basis through conferences, team activities, site visits and even annual mission trips and personal mentoring. Their mission is to build a global spiritual community of MKs who impact their world for Christ. A team was recently sent to Thailand to serve at a conference for staff all over Asia. These conferences bless the staff and give needed encouragement to missionary kids, in addition to empowering MKs to engage in active ministry in their home communities






We asked Jonathan these questions to help describe his ministry.  


What is your organization’s vision for ministry?


I work with an organization called MK2MK. We are a ministry of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ International).

Our ministry focuses on fulfilling the great commission by working directly with MKs. Our goal is to be able to

build a safe community for MKs and to empower them to embrace a ministry of their own. This focus results

in staff families staying on the field longer and coming home healthier.



Describe the focus of your ministry – the past year’s activities and goals

for the coming year.


The mission of MK2MK is to build a global spiritual community of MKs who impact

their world for Christ. We do this through discipleship relationships and multiple

connect points at our conferences, care trips, summer mission, Xtrack and local



In the past year we have had care trips to Rwanda, Turkey, Thailand, and

Azerbaijan, as well as one coming up in East Asia. We also staffed 5 conferences in

Cyprus, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, and France serving over 200 students from over 36

different countries.

Last summer we hosted two, month-long summer missions in Albania and Thailand

giving an opportunity for 60 MKs to share their faith in local communities and

equipping them for ministry back in their homes. I also led eleven MKs in our cross-

cultural training where we facilitated a program for 50 students for five weeks.


Over the next year I will be involved in our summer internship for 14 college-age

MKs and summer missions in South Africa for 60 high school MKs. We are also

staffing two big conferences covering large regions of the world including East Asia,

Central Asia, Armenia, Turkey, and Persia.


Lastly we are sending a pioneering team to Budapest to better resource CRU staff in

that region. This new undertaking comes with unique challenges such as engaging a

new audience, including many non-English speakers. We are excited for these

opportunities to be able to empower a wider range of CRU staff kids to be a part of

their parent’s ministry but this will also require a level of cross cultural interaction

that we have not experienced before.