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CRU:  Lorrie Y




We asked Lorrie to answer these questions to help describe her current plans for ministry, recognizing that she is in a transition stage, having lost her husband and life-long partner in ministry this last year.   She was able to tell us about their past activities and hopes for the future.  












What is your organization’s vision?


CRU is a non-denominational Christian organization committed to helping fulfill

the Great Commission around the world.   In the past year, we were overseas,

involved in helping professionals embrace the mission God has given them in the

workplace, and equipping them to intentionally reach out in the unique place that

God has placed them. Since my husband went to be with the Lord in December, I

have been preparing for a one year program starting in August at the CRU 

headquarters in Florida to assist in the needs of the staff serving worldwide,

while working through my own healing and ministry preparation for whatever

God wants for me to do next.


Describe the focus of your work in the past year abroad.  


The focus of our work was to equip professionals to see the workplace as not

only where they would work for the glory of God, but also where they could be

salt and light, right where God has placed them.  This involved discipleship,

equipping, coming alongside people as they desired to grow and reach out,

prayer for themselves, their offices, the world around them. In the past year,

we were involved in helping train people who would be returning to their own

countries eventually, in building a business and in training. And we discipled

professionals locally who had wanted to be involved sharing God's love right

where they were.