FPC Pictures for Website

Have you visited lately? The website has been updated, but our Communications Group is looking for old and new pictures of the church and church events to make it even better. If you have digital pictures you can share, please send them to Have interesting hard copy pictures to share? Please loan them to us so we can scan them, and we’ll return the originals. In either event, please give us the following information if available: subject, approximate date of photo, event, and identity of anyone pictured (if you know). Thanks for your assistance!

Interested In Photography?

We are currently looking for people who would be interested in taking photos of the many events that happen across the FPC campus.  We would like to begin documenting and promoting events such as weekend services, concerts, large gatherings, Sunday Schools, Ladle, Street Corner Care and many others to the public, but we need your help in showing the greater San Diego area what these wonderful events actually look like.  If you are interested in being involved in a new Photography Team, please contact us at for more information.